Our Rates

Daily Cottage Rates 2020: Weekly Cottage Rates 2020
In season: June 28-Sep 2
$149/night (Except Cavendish Beach Festival and)
Aug 1st Long Weekend) for 1-2 persons
$15/day for each additional guest over age 16
In season: June 28 - Sep 2
$903/week (Except Cavendish Beach Festival and )
Aug 1st Long Weekend) for 1-2 persons
$15/day for each additional guest over age 16
Off season: June 8-June 27, & Sep 3 -Sept 28
$85.00 for 1-2 persons
$15/day for each additional guest over age 16
Off season: June 8th -June 27 & Sep 3-Sept 28th
$595/week for 1-2 persons
$15/day for each additional guest over age 16

We accept pets for a fee of $11/day up to a maximum of $50/stay. Please refer to our pet policy for more details.

Sand Dune

Cavendish Beach Music Festival July 9th-12th, 2020:

Please note a four day minimum booking is required during the Cavendish Beach Fest week. Rental policy is maximum of 4 people per cottage and minimum reservation age is 25. Reducing the number of days prior to arrival or during your stay for the Cavendish Beach fest is considered a cancellation and deposit will be forfeited plus cancellation fee. All deposits are non refundable after May 15th and a $50.00 cancellation fee applies. Balance is due one week in advance on or before June 29th, 2020

Please Note that the On-Line Reservation Rates show the maximum daily rate (not including taxes) for a period. For instance if you book 7 days for two people starting on July 17th for a week you will get a cost of 7 days X $149.00=$1,043; however, since this is a week we would charge the lower rate of $895 when we respond in our confirmation. Also, note that we do not charge for guests aged 16 and under. All bookings made on line are not confirmed until we process a deposit on your credit card and you have received the credit card authorization number from us by e-mail.

Deposits, cancellation, early departure, and rental policy:

All deposits must be processed on either Master Card or Visa (no Visa Debit) or sent as an e-transfer. If you book through the Tourism Website ensure that we recieve the CVV for your credit card through an e-mail or phone call so we can confirm your reservation. Payment upon arrival may be processed in Cash, e-transfer or Credit Card. Please note early departure fees apply. For weekly or five day reservations a deposit of $195.00/week for in season will ensure your reservation and for daily reservations a deposit of one day will maintain your reservation (minimum amount $50- $195). All deposits will be refunded less a $25. administration fee per cottage provided we are given 21 days notice of your intention to cancel. Cancellations after 21 days but before 7 days of arrival are subject to deposit plus a $25 administration fee. Cancellations under 7 days prior to arrival and during your stay or (failure to cancel) and early departure are subject to deposit, $25.00 Admin Fee, plus an additional one nights stay with a minimum nightly charge fee of $109.00. Please note if we are unable to process a deposit, then unfortunately we will be unable to maintain your reservation. Special rates in June 1st - June 27th are available only to off-Island guests. All other months including July, August, and September are open to Island and off-Island guests. Minimum rental age for cottages is 25 and older. If occupants of a cottage are under this age level, then they must have at least one adult 25 or older per cottage. Management reserves the right to refuse multiple bookings. Note general cancellation policy does not apply to Special rates in June and September. The special rates amounts for June and September is payable in advance and is non-refundable.